Rabits & Romano Architecture Selected to Design Copacabana Assisted Living Facility

Plans for new Assisted Living Facility fills great demand in Saint Cloud

Orlando, Fla. - Rabits & Romano Architecture, Planning & Design is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the design and architecture of Copacabana Assisted Living Facility in Saint Cloud, Florida.

“In order to create a working model with humanization of care, technological and medical support, the Copacabana Properties group established a partnership with Rabits & Romano Architecture, seeking to create together a new benchmark in assisted living,” said Managing Partner Cesar Russo of Copacabana Properties.

The new three-story, 77,000 square foot Assisted Living Facility will be situated on the corner of Pine Lake Drive and 17th Street in Saint Cloud. The location, adjacent to Saint Cloud Senior Center and Saint Cloud Hospital, is perfectly suited to high-quality care and attentive treatment.

“By promoting solutions that focus on the individual, improving living standards, but also reducing health costs, Copacabana Assisted Living will have an influence on the economy by creating new market opportunities,” said Rogerio Sigolo, C.F.O. and partner, Copacabana Properties.

The plans for Copacabana provide capacity for 160 full-time residents in 143 units, meeting a great need for Assisted Living options in the Saint Cloud area. Highlight features of the property will include a fitness center, salon, library and computer lab, cinema, open courtyard and game area.

The goal of the design is to create a lively and homey environment fostering interaction between residents. Cozy, private units will be conveniently situated among common spaces that bring the residents together for community activities and social opportunities.

“Copacabana Assisted Living aims to increase the time that seniors can live in their preferred and habitual environment with autonomy and independence, through assistance in their daily activities,” said Keller Dotto, Managing Partner, Copacabana Properties.

Rabits & Romano Architecture will be working alongside a team of accomplished engineers. Stoffer and Associates, Inc. will oversee mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering. Structural engineering will be led by ASE Engineering Services, Inc. Florida Engineering Group will perform civil engineering duties.

The estimated budget for this project is $10 million. Construction is scheduled to begin in August of 2016, creating approximately 80 new jobs in the industry.


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