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Hospitality Projects

Ronaldo R-9 Academy 

Client: Ronaldo Academy

Location: Orlando, FL

Builder: Albu & Associates

Date: Jun. 2017

Info: Clubhouse including corporate offices, store and cafeteria; Covered field and 3 uncovered fields.  

Hocca Bar at Florida Mall 

Client: Hocca Bar

Location: Orlando, FL

Builder: MEC Construction

Date: 2019

Info: Restaurant at Florida Mall with 2,160 interior  square feet and 500 square feet exterior dining area.

I-Drive Nascar Indoor Kart Racing 

Client: I-Drive Nascar

Location: Orlando, FL

Builder: TDH Construction

Date: Dec. 2014

Info: Project winner of ENR Southeast Magazine Award and Qualified Remodeler Master Design Award.

65,000 sq ft Indoor cart racing, meeting rooms with capacity for 1,000 people, full bar and restaurant, videogames and bowling. Interior Design/Graphics - FRCH design Worldwide

Rogers Park Pavilion 

Client: City of Leesburg

Location: Leesburg, FL

Builder: Marbek Construction

Date: 2017

Info: Rogers Park Pavilion in Leesburg, 3,000 sq ft meeting and gathering space.

L.A. Sweetz

Client: L.A. Sweetz

Location: Orlando, FL

Date: 2016

Info: Cupcake shop with kitchen and party room in Dr. Phillips area.

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