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Medical Projects

Avant Concierge - Urology Office

Client: Avant Concierge

Location: Winter Garden, FL

Builder: Schimid Construction

Date: 2020

Info: Avant Concierge Urologist, located in Winter Garden , designed by Rabits & Romano Architecture. Building area is approximately 3,500 square feet.

The concept of the project was to provide a clinic with an informal atmosphere, helping the patients to have a more pleasant expirence.

Dr. Sperling - Dentist Office

Client: Dr. Sperling

Location: Orlando, FL

Builder: Lamm & Company

Date: 2011

Cost: $650,000

Info: Sperling Dental, located in Orlando, FL, sought Rabits & Romano Architecture to provide a medical office both visually exciting from the exterior, and functional and elegant inside.

A key goal was to maximize the frontage on Michigan Street – a busy thoroughfare – yet remain approachable for patients. In addition, the dental office needed to blend in with the neighborhood, which included a more urban sidewalk, providing walkers with shade and comfort. 

Sperling Dental's exterior combines stucco and stucco bands, cultured and multicolored stone veneer and metal roofing. The result is a refined, single story building fitting the scale of the site, that maintains a pleasing aesthetic for the neighborhood. Rabits & Romano's creative, functional, and attractive design exceeded Sperling Dental's expectations, inside and out. 

Dr. Shah & Dr. Mahmood Medical Center

Client: Dr. Shah & Dr. Mahmood

Location: Orlando, FL

Builder: Harbco Construction

Date: 2009

Cost: $750,000

Info: 5,000 sq. ft Medical Offices

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